University Profile

Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai(BNUZ) is a full-time undergraduate level higher education institution jointly founded by Beijing Normal University and Zhuhai Municipal People’s Government and approved by the Ministry of Education.

BNUZ, Beijing Normal University Graduate School, Zhuhai, Zhuhai Research Institute, and National College Park of Science and Technology, Zhuhai form a “Four-One” concentration, collectively constitute Beijing Normal University comprehensive educational reform experimental zone. It is a main component of realizing its strategic goal of building a world-class university and the trial field of Beijing Normal University national education system reform project- Exploring the System Mechanism of Developing High Quality Education Resources.

BNUZ has been on partnership with over 90 higher education institutions from the United States, Germany, Canada, the UK, France, Portugal, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Macau, signing agreements of mutual academic credits recognition, student exchange, teacher/staff visits, teaching staff sharing, co- research, and teaching material introduction. Apart from the Ministry of Education approved Finance major (BNUZ-SMU), the Visual Communication Design major (BNUZ-BA), and inter-university mutually recognized 2+3 and 3+1+1 programs, other credit based programs of overseas study of one full year, one academic semester, or four to six weeks of summer study have gained immense popularity among students as well.

Brand Academy - Hochschule für Design und Kommunikation is the only institution that concentrates on teaching and researching “brand” in Europe. The university is built under the guidance of Der Deutsche Markenverband, a world-renowned international research institute of brands established in 1903. The campus inherited from German Navigation College with its main building of the classic style of Bauhaus architecture and side building and Heine’s former residence being the historical protective construction.

Brand Academy - Hochschule für Design und Kommunikation mainly offers bachelor’s and master’s degree courses in Brand Design, Brand Management, International Brand Communication and International Brand Management.

The training mode and curriculum framework of Brand Academy - Hochschule für Design und Kommunikation is highly internationalized. Within the framework of a unified European Union, BA has carried out programs of mutual credit recognition, exchange of visiting scholars and students, providing students with a cross-cultural academic platform.

Program Profile

The Bachelor’s degree program of Visual Communication Design is jointly operated by Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai and Hochschule für Design und Kommunikation(Sino-German Cooperation Program), which is officially authorized by China and German higher education management organization. The approval certificate number granted by Ministry of Education of People’s Republic of China is MOE44DE2A20141639N.

The program accommodates the characteristics of contemporary visual communication design and the national needs of brand design talents, aiming at cultivating creative design talents with great humanity and international vision that can carry out cross-culture collaboration, mastering various skills while specializing in creative design.

BNUZ and BA each take up 50% of the curriculum and among which all the major-related courses are instructed in an English language or Chinese-English bilingual setting.

The program bases itself at Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai. Student receives graduation certificate and Bachelor’s Degree of Arts from BNUZ and Bachelor’s Degree of Arts in Brand Design from BA.

Programs of Study

Visual Communication Design major (Sino-German Cooperation Programme), featuring distinct international perspectives, integrates with European design education system. Through studying and practicing, students will become specialized brand design or related-field talents experts in field knowledge with great adaptability while obtaining advanced foreign language ability that allows them to merge well into a more internationalized environment and broader development.

Students will be qualified for a wide range of employment, including domestic and foreign brand design company such as advertising, graphic design company, internet company, interactive media, press, newspapers, television station, or enterprise, in which they can undertake independently brand design, advertising creative design, graphic design, interactive media design tasks, etc.


Tuition fee: 26800 RMB per year

Accommodation fee: 5000 RMB each person per year;

The cost for visa, intermediary services and travel need to be covered by students. The costs must be paid with RMB.


a). International students between 18-30 years old with good health and a valid passport; Note: According to the latest notice from the Ministry of Education, as from 2010, applicants from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan who have emigrated abroad should present a foreign passport valid for no less than four years with a record of having been resident abroad for at least 2 of the last four years up to April 30,2011. Nine months of residence abroad will be taken as one year for visa purposes.

b). International students with the completion of a high school diploma.

Application Documents

1. Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai Application Form for International Students;


3. Notarized copy of Academic transcripts during high school study, high school diploma. (Certificate and transcripts in languages other than Chinese or English must have notarized translation into Chinese or English attached)

4. Two official sealed letters of recommendation from high school;

5. Photocopy of Chinese (HSK) and English Proficiency Certificate;

6. Photocopy of valid passport (at least valid for six months);

7. Student certificate if available;

8. Two passport photos;

9. Other supporting documents including awards, internships certificates, recommendation letters, which will be highly considered;

10. 450 RMB for registration (for degree study only);

11. Application materials above will not return to applicants no matter they are accepted or not.

* Enrollments of projects by schools, students should give the application documents to thespecific school instead.

How to Apply

1.Application Form

2.Letter of Guardian and Financial Guarantee

Contact Info

Address: Office of International Exchange & Cooperation, Room A808/A809 of Muduo Building, Beijing Normal University, Zhuhai, 18thJinfeng Road, Tangjiawan, Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province, China.

Postcode: 519087

Tel: + (86) (0)756 6126756

Fax: + (86) (0)756 6126522